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Where we've been stays with us. We recall the shape of a tree, or the way light moves on the edge of a building. Traffic sounds, the faces we encounter. The air, streets, bridges, buildings. History and memories. 

Spoken word, found sound, original music. Explore Knoxville through the senses.

Tracks are optimized for earbuds or headphones. What's important is being there and letting the place become part of you. Thanks for listening. Enjoy your walk. 

walkwithme is made possible by:
Visit Knoxville, CBID, Buzz Goss/Marble Alley,
Dick Coffey/Dixie Kitchens, Jenny Hines/Hines and Company, Aaron Thompson/Sapphire,
and Nick McCall.
Thanks also to AC Entertainment for including the project in the Big Ears festival, Jack Neely for his input and fact checking, TAMIS for the early recordings of WNOX, and the City of Knoxville.

walkwithme was produced by Wide Lens.